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Serving Denver, Broomfield and the Boulder area since 2002

Lights Decoration and Installation in Boulder

What do Boulder business owners look for from a professional window cleaning company? Exactly what Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC offers:

  • Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC is your Holiday, Special Event or Year-Round lighting decoration and installation company.

We provide professional Service for your home, office, commercial property and any Outdoor or Indoor special event, we sell you the lights and ensure all bubs are working and replace them for free if any of them burns out or we can hang the lights you have if they are the proper.

  • Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC can design, suggest, or just follow your directions to make the Lighting decoration you prefer and will ensure it looks great all season long!
  • We install the lights for you to enjoy your Season, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Special Event and when you decide, we will remove the Lights and wrap them in a proper way so you can store it and use it again at no extra cost to you.

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