Carpet Cleaning In Broomfield

Is the carpet in your office starting to look a little worse for wear? If you can’t remember the last time you cleaned your carpet, that is a sign you are due for a professional carpet cleaning from the team at Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC.

Even if your carpet looks clean, there still might be harmful pollutants, allergen, and bacteria buried in the fibers of your carpet. While even an untrained eye or amateur carpet cleaner can notice soiled spots or sticky stains, those dust and dirt particles can be more difficult to see. Those pesky irritants and toxins hide in plain sight.

Which is precisely why you should schedule Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC for a professional deep cleaning of your businesses carpeted floors.

If you notice your employees sneezing more than usual or that your eyes are feeling itchy, it could be a sign that your carpets are in need of an intensive cleaning. Don’t let your quality of life suffer! Give Broomfield’s most-trusted carpet cleaners a call today.

Benefits Of A Clean Carpet

There are many benefits to carpeted floors in an office space. For those on-the-move employees, they’re perfect for all those hours spent on your feet. There is nothing worse than spending your long day on solid wood or concrete floors. Carpets are also sound-absorbent, which contributes to your office’s overall ambiance. You won’t hear people stomping around, and you’ll feel more relaxed and comfortable. Carpeted floors will also prevent fallen appliances, equipment, or kitchenware from shattering all over the place. If your mug falls on a tile floor, you can bet it is going to break.

However, these benefits can only be fully appreciated if your carpet is well-maintained. When a carpet is filled with dust or covered with sticky stains, people will wish that they had no carpet at all.

If you call Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC, we can return your carpet back to its gorgeous and accommodating state. With our commercial-grade steam cleaners, carpet shampoo services, and high-powered vacuums we can handle just about any carpet stain.

Professional Steam Cleaning For Carpets In Broomfield

You might think your carpet is clean just because your building’s janitor visits the office once a week with his entry-level vacuum cleaner. If you asked any commercial carpet cleaning service in the Broomfield area, though, they’ll tell you what we’re going to tell you here— vacuuming does not count as carpet cleaning! Carpets require more than just that to say in top-shape.

Steam cleaning is important, for example. The average American office should have their carpets steam cleaned by a licensed and trained carpet cleaner about once a year at the very least.

How does steam cleaning your carpet do? Bright Light Cleaning Services LLC’s high-quality steam cleaners use vaporized water to give your rug a thorough, deep clean. The vapor is heated to extremely high temperatures and applied to the carpet. Grease, dust, dirt and harmful bacteria don’t stand a chance against that steam. Nothing gets rid of carpet stains better than a steam cleaner.

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